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November 5, 2008
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Battletech - Apophis - Custom by AlteriusZhang Battletech - Apophis - Custom by AlteriusZhang
I havent designed a Battletech 'Mech in a long time (not since I was 12 or 13). Since i've been messing around Mechwarrior 4: Mercs w/ Mektek a bit lately, i decided to see if I can design one after 10 years.

This is the "Apophis" (not sure if the name's been taken by any official 'Mechs yet). Something I rigged up last night when I was bored.

-Tech-Base: Clan
-Mass: 55 tons

-Internal Stucture: Endo-Steel - 3 tons
-Engine: 275 XL - 8 tons
-Heat Sinks: 13[26] - 3 tons
-Gyro: - // - 3 tons
-Cockpit - // - 3 tons
-Armor Factor - 202 - 10.5 tons

Weapons and Ammo:
-ER PPC - RA - 6 tons
-3 ER Med. Lasers - LA - 3 tons
-ER. Med. Pulse-Laser - RT - 2 tons
-ER. Med. Pulse-Laser - LT - 2 tons
-LRM-5 - RT - 1 ton
-LRM-5 - LT - 1 ton
-AMMO (LRM) - 24 - RT - 1 tons
-AMMO (LRM) - 24 - LT - 1 tons
-BAP - CT - 1 ton
-LAMS - CT - 1.5 tons
-Jumpjets - CT - 1 ton
-Jumpjets - RL - 1 ton
-Jumpjets - LL - 1 ton
NOTE: I used the old Battletech books for the stats, so they're probably outdated.

Battletech (c) FASA/Microsoft
Art and Design by me
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this is just fantastic
Eriance, I got a question for you...I need someone to help me draw a mech that is a combination of multiple mech designs to make a whole new mech. Could you please send me an email so we can discuss this project?
AlteriusZhang Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, thank you for the interest in my work, but I'm currently in school and don't have time to work on any commissions or time-intensive designs. My finals are in two weeks, and my fall semester starts right after that.
ouch, that kinda luck on your finals and your next semester. Thanks for getting back to me quickly.
grenadeh Jan 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
The stats aren't outdated, they're just impossible by even level 3 rules. Mech is overweight and overcriticalled by lvl 3 tech but thats fine with me, the mech creator progs are bull anyway. I love the design. Could I use this mech in a fanfic?
AlteriusZhang Jan 20, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Help yourself.:)
MaJoRoesch Nov 27, 2008  Student Digital Artist
I should play that game sometime. I haven't checked on mektek in years.

Anyway, nice work. Good to see some mechwarrior stuff.
6Prince-of-Darkness6 Nov 21, 2008
Like you Typhoon, it is level 3 in new CBT, which (while not a bad thing) means that it is now not tourney-legal (Clan ER Pulse lasers are a little munchy after all :p) however, I love the art work as-is and I think that you could turn this into a turney-legal design in a snap.

Great job!
Awesome, a great design. Don't worry about the stats being wrong, they made sure not to change any of the design rules in the latest updates.
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